Are You Sure an Iguana is the Right Pet for You?

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Before you decide to get a pet iguana, you should have some basic information so you know whether or not an iguana is the appropriate pet for your home.

Don’t get an iguana because your friend has one and you think it’s  ‘cool’.

And don’t get an iguana because you think it’ll be a cinch to take care of – it’s NOT.

Read on for some tips that may actually help you decide that an iguana is not the right pet for you.

1. Iguanas are not cheap.

The price that you pay for the iguana itself may not be much – but that’s only the beginning.  What comes next is a series of investments that are necessary to maintain the health and well-being of your little pet.

First, you’ll need a habitat – you might get by with a small one to begin with, but it won’t be long before you’ll have to spend plenty to buy or build a larger cage.  Not to mention the proper lighting inside to provide the UV rays that are so important for an iguanas health.

The cage will need to be fitted with branches and shelves for climbing.  You’ll have to be able to monitor the temperature, since iguanas are cold blooded and can’t do that themselves.

You’ll also have to buy the right foods for your pet – green, leafy veggies, rich in vitamins and calcium.

If you do not have the budget set aside for these things, then you should consider against having one as a pet.

2. Iguanas are not low maintenance pets.

While an iguana may be too small to cause problems at the beginning, remember that they grow – and they grow BIG.  Iguanas can grow up to 6 feet in length!  You’ll need to arrange housing for them, which, as stated above can be expensive as well as time and space consuming.

Their habitat needs to be kept clean.  The iguana itself will also need to be kept clean.  This sometimes includes baths in the tub or in a small shallow pool. These things should be done on a daily basis so that the iguana will be trained early on – it’s much more difficult to tame them you may find it difficult to tame them once they are bigger and restless already.

3. Iguanas aren’t a good pet for young children.

If your child is begging for a pet iguana, don’t agree unless you’re prepared to care for the iguana yourself.  Iguanas simply aren’t a suitable pet for children who don’t know about proper handling and caring.  An iguana can and will bite or lash with it’s tail if it becomes frightened, and will grow large enough that it can injure a small child.  And small juvenile iguanas can also be injured BY children and other pets.

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