What To Expect With an Iguana as Pet

green iguana as pet

There are thousands of people who keep pet iguanas in their homes, but it’s only recently that there’s been much information available on proper care of these fascinating pets.  Of course reputable pet stores will give good information on care, but there are some stores that will give bad or incomplete information so that they can make more sales.  There’s also a lot of information on the internet, but be careful to double check information that you find online, not all of it is true.

Iguanas are the most popular pet lizard, and are quite affordable to buy in pet stores.  If you want to buy an iguana, your best bet is going to a specialty reptile store – you’ll find the most knowledgeable help and service.   While iguanas aren’t difficult to care for, they are a very high maintenance pet – you need to keep in mind the veterinary, food and housing needs of this special pet. Iguanas must be fed and caged properly, or they can become quite ill and have much shorter than expected life spans.

So obviously you must be prepared to give your pet iguana the tender loving care it needs.  It’s habitat needs to be kept clean and sanitary.   Remember that iguanas can carry salmonella, so should be kept away from babies, pregnant women, the elderly and anyone else who may have a weakened immune system.

The green iguana is the most common iguana pet.  They are herbivores, meaning they eat plants, and in the wild, are a prey animal – other animals eat them.  Because of this, their instinct is to live in a place with plenty of shrubbery/foliage, where they can climb and hide. If you have a pet iguana, you need to provide a home that mimics the kind of habitat they have in the wild.   It will also need to be kept at the proper temperatures – like what they are accustomed to in their tropical natural habitats – and that allow them to receive the needed UV rays from the sun, or provide alternative light sources.
It’s also very important to know the proper feeding of your iguana, and how it’s digestive system is made up.  Bad nutrition and unsanitary living conditions are the biggest causes of bad health and death for pet iguanas, so it’s necessary for you to be certain that you’re able to provide the proper diet and habitat needs of your pet iguana.

Like any other living creature, iguanas have tastes of their own.  While one iguana may love to eat hibiscus flowers, another may turn up his nose at them – each iguana will have certain foods that it likes or dislikes.  So be prepared to experiment a little with your pet – and remember, when you have a pet iguana, it’s life really is in your hands.

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