Are You Going to Build an Iguana Cage?

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Tips For Building an Iguana Cage

Iguanas are known as an arboreal creature – that means they prefer to spend their time in trees.   Iguanas are a prey animal, and they find safety from predators up off the ground in high trees.  This is something you need to keep very much in mind when you’re building a home for an iguana – they need to have space to move and room to climb so that they feel secure and safe.

While an aquarium is a good habitat for small iguanas, larger lizards will need more space – a screened-in enclosure in a garage, an extra room, or even outside.   I’ve seen a habitat built into a walk-in closet, and one built out of an unused shower in a spare bathroom.   Add some branches and shelves for the iguana to climb and lounge on.

Something to keep in mind with ideas like closets is the air circulation. You can build in a small, quiet fan that will help regulate fresh air and prevent the growth of mildew or mold. And don’t forget that the housing will most likely need a heat source – heating lamps are usually the best choice.

When moving your iguana to a new habitat, give it time to adjust to the new enclosure. Normally, they’ll rub and scratch at the walls, checking everything out. It’s best to stay with your pet while they explore. Make sure they don’t find a secret way out and that all climbing material is secure and steady.

Be careful with the electrical connections for your enclosure. Make sure that the iguana doesn’t have access to any wiring and can’t touch any hot lamps.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure the habitat stays bug free. Don’t leave leftover food in the cage, and clean out feces on a daily basis. The simple act of keeping the cage clean can help you avoid a multitude of problems.

Building a cage for your iguana can be simple and fun, and you can have a safe and secure home for your pet by remembering the above tips.

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