Tame Iguanas Make Happy Owners

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Owning exotic pets is a fascinating hobby, and can also be a challenging one.  Iguanas as a pet come with their own challenges, and one of the biggest is taming your iguana.   Most of us are familiar with having domesticated pets like dogs or cats that readily accept people.  But iguanas are a wild creature, and are not born tame.  They are a prey animal, which means other animals eat them – so it is instinctual for them to be skittish and afraid of other animals that they feel may pose a threat to them.  This includes their owner.

However, it IS possible to tame your iguana, and teach it to accept your touch.  With time and patience, iguanas can be taught to accept having humans and even other pets around without them panicking or going into a defensive position of running and tail-whipping.   This video shows a perfect example of an iguana that has been very well tamed.

Taming your iguana will not only take a lot of patience, it also takes persistence – you’ll need to work with them on a daily basis.  The first thing to remember is that your iguana will see you as a predator initially, so you’ll want to try to minimize that appearance.  Don’t reach down to your iguana, and don’t lean over them in what may seem – to the iguana – like a threatening stance.  It’s better to be on the iguana’s and use a slow approach; avoid rapid movements.  Talk to your iguana, and let it get used to hearing your voice.

Before you ever actually touch your iguana, let it get accustomed to having your hands near it.  Use slow movements to change its water and feed, so it gets used to seeing your hands in its habitat.  After it seems calmer – which may take several days to a couple weeks – try giving it food from your hand.  While the iguana is eating its food, gently touch its back.

If you continue with daily interactions like this, always taking it slow and easy, you’ll soon start to see more and more acceptance from your iguana, and before you know it, you’ll be able to interact with your iguana with little or no apprehension on its part.  Good luck!

It’s always best to read up as much as you can on information about green iguanas, to learn how to tame and train them, how to handle them properly to avoid injury, and how to feed them correctly.   By taking proper care of your pet, you can enjoy its company for many happy years.

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