Iguana Supplies – Some Accessories You Should Include In Iguana Habitats

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There are a few things that an iguana habitat must provide in order for your iguana to survive: controlled temperature and humidity, proper lights for heat and UV rays, and of course enough space for your iguana to be comfortable. But these are really just the basics for survival – to really thrive, your iguana will need a few other things for it’s comfort and health. If you want your iguana to have the healthiest possible life, you’ll need to accessorize it’s habitat with the following:

1) Substrates – Substrates compose the surface of the iguana habitat. In choosing a substrate for your iguana habitat, you should remember the fact that iguanas constantly flick their tongues. This habit allows your iguana to process different types of information about their environment. You should not use anything small like wood chips, sand, or gravel as a substrate because of this reason. Anything that sticks to the tongue of the iguana is likely to be eaten. Sand and gravel can be very dangerous to the iguana if they are ingested. This goes for any particulate materials.

Instead of these materials, you might try blank news stock or some other non-toxic paper. Another common substrate is indoor/outdoor carpet, or artificial turf. Many people prefer using linoleum tiles for the ease in cleaning.

2) Basking and climbing accessories – Iguanas are arboreal. In the wild, iguanas spend most of their time up on trees. This means that you need to provide some sort of climbing material in your iguana habitat. Try including some shelves in an iguana habitat to simulate branches of trees.

If you include branches in your iguana habitat, you should provide some that are big enough for your iguana to lie on comfortably. You should also cover them with some sort of material that will help them in climbing. One option is to cover the branches with carpeting. The branches will also serve as basking places for your iguana. These spots are where your iguana will go to in order to relax.

3) Food and water dishes – you should provide your iguana with dishes for food and water. Although iguanas are not really inclined to drink often, it is still important that you provide them with a source of fresh water daily.

Iguanas love to soak in a water dish, so you should provide one that’s just the right size for your pet. It should be big enough so that the iguana won’t tip it over when getting in and it should be shallow enough so that the iguana won’t drown. You should also realize that after soaking, an iguana usually likes to poop in the water. This means that you will have the responsibility to change the water in the dish and sanitize it regularly.

4) Hiding places – like all of us, there are some times that an iguana will just want to be left alone. For this, they’ll need to have a safe hiding spot in their habitat. There are a variety of solutions – caves, logs, large rocks, even natural looking foliage; anything that provides a shelter for the iguana to hide behind.

When you add these accessories to your iguana habitat, you can be sure that your iguana will be living in a very ideal enclosure. This means that your iguana’s health and well-being will be secured.

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