Is An Exotic Pet Really What You Want?

You like gourmet food, weekend trips to Paris, and custom made clothes. It stands to reason that you also have exotic taste when it comes to selecting the perfect pet. There are a number of things to consider before taking the plunge.

Exotic pets include rodents, birds and reptiles – in fact any wild animal is categorized as exotic if it is not naturally found in homes. Their natural habitat is not a house, and taking them out of the wild can create problems.

To some, this type of animal may sound like the perfect accessory to your stylish home, but they are also living beings that can be difficult to manage and maintain. In some instances, they can even attack their owners or others with whom they come into contact.

How to Feed and Care for your Exotic Pet

A typical diet for a common house pet is easily satisfied by a trip to the supermarket. This is not the case for exotic animals that are bred in the wild and feed off whatever they can find or capture that day. Many wild animals eat a great deal more food than a typical house pet. They eat to survive in the wilderness so the amount of food that you consider to be reasonable, may not nourish your new pet.

Your local veterinarian probably has little experience with exotic pets, who often have exotic illnesses. Finding a specialist who can treat a sick exotic pet may involve travel and considerable expense.

The Legalities of Keeping Exotic Pets

There are laws governing ownership of exotic pets, and they differ depending on your location. You may need a permit or special license, so do some research before you go out and buy your pet.

Often the local regulations include specifications for keeping the exotic animal confined within your property. You will be responsible for ensuring that the animal is securely enclosed and cannot escape. This is to prevent a once timid animal from becoming disoriented and frightened if lost, often causing them to lash out and injure neighbors and their pets. Because there is a demand for these animals, they are available to the public. In fact, there is a lucrative black market for them too. Just because you can own an exotic pet, does not necessarily mean you should. Not only is it unfair to take them out of their natural environment, it can be an onerous task to take proper care of them. Give the idea a lot of thought before you get an exotic pet.

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