Making A Bearded Dragon Vivarium For A Happy, Healthy Pet

I found this article on bearded dragons, and thought it might be of interest to some of my readers – while bearded dragons aren’t iguanas, they do share some of the same needs, especially in their habitat. Bearded dragons are smaller than green iguanas, so can live in a much smaller cage.  If you’re looking for a home for your bearded dragon, the cages found at our online store will work great – as will a lot of the accessories, like heating lamps.


Bearded dragons can make fun and interesting pets. But, before you rush out and get one, there are a lot of things to consider, and a lot of other items you need to have before bringing your new pet home. One of the most important things you need is a bearded dragon enclosures for your pet to live in. It’s important to create a home close to that of their native habitat.

If you’ve done some research, you know that your beardie will be about two feet long when fully grown. This means that its home should be at least twice as long to provide adequate living space. The enclosure also needs to be tall enough to prevent the animal from climbing or jumping out. You are going to need a habitat that is about the size of a 20- or 50-gallon aquarium and this takes up considerable space. The enclosure also needs to be in a relatively quiet area, free of loud noise and where there will not be light 24 hours a day. Like all animals, your pet needs dark periods of time and loud noises will cause it to stress which can cause illness.

Many kinds of enclosures are suitable for housing your pet. An aquarium will work well and generally don’t cost a lot. There are also those that are wood on three sides with a glass front and wire lid. Wire enclosures are also worth a look as they are lightweight. The most important factors are that your bearded dragon will have plenty of room, has a spot to stay warm, and the enclosure must be escape proof so the animal can’t slip out and run off.

Coming from the grasslands of Australia your bearded dragon needs an environment that is somewhat desert-like. The substrate, or flooring, of their habitat should be a mixture of dirt and sand if you wish to provide a natural floor. Pet stores also sell carpet-like flooring that is easy to maintain, as well as other suitable materials. Some people simply use heavy-duty paper for easier clean up. Whichever flooring you choose, be sure that is won’t aggravate the animals feet and won’t cause illness if ingested.

Aside from food, the most important thing your beardie needs is a way to get warm. It is also important that you provide a source of light and ultra violet rays so your reptile can stay healthy. A heat lamp is the best way to provide a source of warmth. There are also specially designed heating pads that lie under the substrate. A thermometer is also important so you can be sure that the habitat remains within a comfortable temperature range.

Your bearded dragon also needs a dish for water and another for food. You will find many types of dishes for this purpose at the pet store but you may find something suitable, and less expensive, around your home. A water dish needs to be shallow, sturdy and non-tip. You don’t want it dumping out or tipping over on top of your pet. A food dish can be most anything as long as your pet can reach the food inside. Remember that your beardie is an omnivore and will enjoy a variety of fruits, vegetables, mealworms and live crickets to chase down.

Your pet also requires some furnishings for its home to provide interest and exercise. A few flat rocks should be placed under the heat lamp to provide a nice basking place for warming up. Some other rocks, rope, vines or logs for climbing should also be included. You might also include some plants. Just be sure that everything you put in the vivarium is safe for your pet if they decide to eat it.

Setting up your bearded dragon vivarium can be a fun activity, and you get to do it again each time you clean it. Moving items around can create interest and mental stimulation for your pet. Knowing what your pet requires for a comfortable home environment and meeting those needs will help you keep a healthy, happy animal. Purchase a small book on bearded dragon care to have on hand for reference and for answering questions you may have as your pet grows.

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