3 Common Iguana Care Misconceptions

3 Common Iguana Care Misconceptions
By Logan Heckendorn

Talking about iguana care, the conceptions people have about the topic are really diverse. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some about iguana care and bust some common wrong ideas.

First of all, what is iguana care? What does it take? Feeding, is that it? No, clearly, its not. Also it’s providing the heating and the lighting, also living conditions in the tank, looking after your pet when it’s sick. That’s not all. Also you have to do training, nail trimming and other things. Iguanas grow very big (up to 6 feet) so their needs change a lot too. So, as we have got that out of the way, let’s talk about some misconceptions about iguana care.

The first one is – iguanas are easy to look after. Sorry to disappoint you, they are really not so easy to care for. If you think that it takes no time, you are wrong. Iguana care requires knowledge and information and time and it’s not likely that you’re going to be able to get through it without lifting a finger. To talk about common pets, iguanas are among the hardest to look after.

Second misconception – you can easily figure it all out by yourself. Sometimes you can figure out some things. Normally, people who do that too much, mistreat their pets badly and later spend a lot of time and money trying to reverse the change. Iguana care is no rocket science but you have to actually teach yourself about it and teaching yourself usually involves getting expert advice. That’s what’s important.

Third misconception I have heard of is completely contradictory to the first one – it says that iguana care takes all of your time and you don’t have any leisure time whatsoever. The third one is really strange. Yes, iguana care definitely takes time but unless you have a farm of iguanas, it’s really not totally time-consuming. You can have time for yourself and once you have learned the most important stuff, it can go pretty automatic and leave you with even more free time.

All in all, iguana care is really not easy but it’s not the most difficult thing either. As a lot of things, iguana care takes persistence and commitment and will. You have to learn, read, apply and soon you’ll not only know, but have fun doing it.

Iguana care and feeding basics

You probably want to know about iguana care, given you are reading this article. Here I’m going to give you two basic ideas about iguana care and elaborate on them a little bit. After having read this, you should at least have an idea what iguana care is all about.

Let’s talk about feeding first. There is one important factor here – iguanas are herbivores. What does that mean? Well, they do not eat meat, for one thing. You have to focus your diets on iguana-specific foods. There is one idea that is pretty popular and totally wrong – it says

that iguanas are fine with eating dog or cat food. News for you – they are not. Such food can only damage your iguana and by no means should you feed it to your pet. If you have a book saying that iguanas eat dog or cat food, throw it (the book, not the iguana) away immediately!

That’s a bit on feeding. Now, let’s discuss care. Iguanas need a tank with heating and lighting. There should be two areas – one cooler and one warmer one. The idea behind that is that your iguana can go to one basking area at it is naturally bound to bask itself and then it can go to a cooler area to cool off. You have to provide easy exit from the basking area. Do not use heating rocks for heating because that damages your iguana’s skin. That’s basics. Now, you have to look up the temperatures needed for each one. Also, use a thermometer.

Now, it looks simple but there is a lot more to it. Looking after your iguana is nowhere near as simple as it might seem at first glance. You must be ready for it and you must take into notice the thing that iguanas grow very large (up to 6 feet) and you could eventually need to dedicate a whole room for you iguana. Also, such big iguanas, if not trained not to bite, are not very helping to you keep all of your fingers together.

I should say that iguana care consists of feeding and care. For both of them, you have to get expert advice and only then you can do stuff on your own. Otherwise, it could be difficult for both you and your iguana. However, once you get this stuff, it becomes not so time-consuming and iguana care might even become a fun thing to do. Fun, and rewarding.

Finally, for a good introduction site about the topic, check out this iguana care site.

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