Owning A Pet Bearded Dragon

Ask just about any boy or girl if he or she would like a pet and you will usually get a resounding ‘yes’ for an answer. Kids have a knack for adopting all kinds of creatures. It goes without saying that cats and dogs rank as top choices for pets. Also right up there are goldfish, hamsters and gerbils. Well, along with these obvious picks is the bearded dragon. This critter loves to be around people and always gets the description of ‘cool.’

Owning a pet lizard is not always high on many people’s lists. But these dragons are not the ones that bring terror by spitting fire. Their official name is pogona and they come from the dry, rocky woodlands of Australia. His great personality has been known to win over even the most skeptical people.

A pogona likes to hang out on branches and is a very skilled climber. They are omnivores. This means that their diet consists of both plant and animal. So, you can feed them roaches, crickets and worms along with grated carrots, broccoli and escarole. One food item that is not good for a pogona is lettuce as it can cause dehydration. Citrus fruit is not good for them either.

He doesn’t shave but when he means business he shows his spiny scales around his throat. Fortunately, he usually won’t do this to his owner. He saves this display for when he feels threatened.

As suggested earlier, he can be a very sociable friend. When young, they are very active and also friendly. When they get older, they may become less active but do remain friendly and like the company of people. Furthermore, a pogona can be your pal for up to ten years. The average life expectancy is between five and eight years.

The idea of a reptile living in the house is enough to make a lot of people shudder. But a bearded dragon can calm the uneasiness. He is a nice pet and will be loving with his owner.

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