Surprising Bearded Dragon Facts: The Life of a Pet Dragon!

There are some bearded dragon facts that many owners wish they had known before they ever adopted their first reptile. A real beardie lover lives for the responsibility, effort, and rewards, but many beginners do get frustrated at the unforeseen difficulties of raising such an exotic pet. The life of a dragon is fascinating, and the challenges involved in rising one of these enchanting animals is actually part of the allure.

Bearded dragons can live for up to 15 years – planning that far ahead can prove to be quite the challenge for many young pet owners. Given enough time, these lizards can grow to be longer than two feet. The tiny dragons look so cute in the store, but they definitely make formidable pets when they’re all grown up.

Despite what many pet stores will try to tell you, a dragon actually requires an extreme amount of maintenance to live in captivity. This unique species evolved in the desert and requires very similar conditions to live a healthy life – proper bearded dragon care involves regulating temperatures, moisture levels, and lighting to recreate their natural habitat. Lets not forget providing your pet with the right bearded dragon food and diet. Even subtle changes can have detrimental effects.

Other bearded dragon facts are a little less intuitive: for example, very few new owners are prepared for the outlandish sight of the bearded dragon shedding process! It’s actually an extremely special sight to behold and requires a tiny bit of human participation. Your dragon may need misting and increased humidity to really work off those flakes of tough skin.

The same bearded dragon facts that attract one person to this species can repel another – it’s always just a matter of personal taste! But beardie fans will tell you only one thing: this pet is awesome if you’re up for the challenge!

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