Month: August 2011

What To Expect From a Pet Iguana

Iguanas have become the ‘pet du jour’ and there are literally thousands being kept as pets around the country. Unfortunately, many pet stores sell baby iguanas to people (who often have little or no knowledge of what they’re getting into) without giving them any information on feeding, habitat or care – other than what extras [Continue]

Facts About Iguanas

General Iguana Facts Iguanas have become a really popular pet over the last decade, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down at all. Most of the species of iguana come from tropical and subtropical forests, but there are also some that come from the desert and from the seashore (like the island iguanas [Continue]

Turtle Pets Teach Responsibility

It is no secret that one of the best ways to teach children about being reliable is to have them raise a pet. With pet ownership it is necessary that the caretaker be responsible and trustworthy, since the pet relies upon the owner. Reptiles and amphibians are a wonderful, and oft times overlooked, option for [Continue]

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