Month: October 2011

Iguana Care – The Importance of Cleanliness

Apart from making sure your iguana has adequate food, water and UV rays, one of your major tasks as an iguana owner is keeping your iggy clean.  You may not be aware of it, but iguanas have been known to spread salmonella – a bacteria we usually associate with eggs. Because of these, it’s of [Continue]

Tips on Feeding a Pet Iguana

Photo credit: mensatic from The subject of just what constitutes a proper diet for iguanas is a somewhat debated topic. Many people insist on a certain dry food or a specific combination of fruits and vegetables. The truth is that there are plenty of iguanas out there doing just fine on a variety of [Continue]

How To Tame Your Baby Green Iguana

A question I’m frequently asked by new iguana owners is how do you tame an iguana? After all, iguanas are wild creatures, exotic animals that have the natural instincts of the prey animal that they are. Yes, iguanas are a prey animal – they eat vegetation and are in turn eaten by larger animals like [Continue]

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